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Personal & Concierge Pick Up / Delivery Service

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Personal & Bldg. Concierge Delivery Services

Within approx. 2 miles from our stores

Spend less time in our store and more time in your clean clothes with our FREE online pick up and drop off request form!

Fill out the request form and an employee from our closest Clevergreen location will come to your location to pick up the clothes in need of cleaning and return them better than new with our green clean, free of charge.

Pick up and drop off is only available to customers within a two mile distance from our locations.

We prefer to pick up and deliver to buildings with concierge service, but we can do personal services as well.

On average, we can return your belongings in three days unless quicker return is requested.

Free pick up and drop off is a free service waiting to be utilized, we're looking forward to assisting you in your Green Clean experience!

Personal and Concierge Pick Up and Drop Off Request Form

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